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We recently held public exhibitions at Bournemouth University on Thursday 14 July and Saturday 16 July and our feedback form was available online from 4 July to 29 July 2022. 

Now that the consultation has closed, you can still contact our information office by telephone or email: 0800 080 3291 and at innovationquarter@devcomms.co.uk.  

During the consultation we asked people for their thoughts on the proposals for the Innovation Quarter and the detailed plans for a new Nuffield Health hospital. In addition, we sought views on how the charity’s land can be used to benefit local people, balancing jobs, research, and healthcare with biodiversity and the environment. 

The consultation presented the vision for the Innovation Quarter, including detailed plans for a new Nuffield Health Hospital and we continue to welcome your input on key aspects of the proposals, such as:  

  • The facilities you would like to see as part of a new public square at “Talbot Place” providing community facilities, and opportunities for creative industries and performance, whilst physically linking the Innovation Quarter with the Universities and the surrounding homes;

  • The types of sectors, organisations and job roles that could be provided at the Innovation Quarter;

  • The opportunities you would like to come forward along the proposed Talbot Way Boulevard;

  • The importance and potential location of a north/south cycling and walking route linking the two Universities and communities to the town centre and the beach;  

  • How the Charity can manage its wider  land holdings including the model village and woods to better benefit the community;  

  • The scope for a community led Farm on the site, what this might include and how it could be managed by the community.

  • The design and landscaping of and around the new Nuffield Health hospital

  • Access and sustainable transport links to the new hospital

  • Sustainability and environmental elements of the new hospital

  • Services and free programmes that Nuffield Health can offer at the new hospital to meet community demands.

Following the consultation, the proposals for the wider Innovation Quarter will come forward as an Outline planning application meaning it will deal with matters of principle such as the proposed uses, the scale and height of buildings, an indicative layout and access to the site. Further reserved matters applications will be brought forward for specific building design, parking and servicing arrangements as the occupiers are contracted. This will ensure that the buildings best suit their purpose whether for the creative arts, research facilities or offices.

A detailed planning application will be submitted for the proposed Nuffield Hospital. This will include matters such as the detailed design of the building, window locations, building materials, access, servicing and parking arrangements. 

The thinking for Talbot Place which is located on Area TV1 to the north of the Innovation Quarter is at an early stage. We are very keen that this important link best serves all the adjacent communities. We will use the feedback from this consultation to develop options in conjunction with the community through the autumn and beyond. Talbot Place will come forward as a separate application to the Innovation Quarter. 

If you were unable to attend our public exhibitions, you are very welcome to download the information that was displayed using the download button below. You can complete a feedback form below.

Your Feedback

Thank you to all those who took the time to attend our public exhibitions and complete a feedback form.

Although our consultation has now closed, Talbot Village Trust (the Charity), and Nuffield Health (Nuffield), are happy to hear your views on our emerging plans for the development of an Innovation Quarter which will include a brand-new Nuffield Health Hospital. 

You can still contact us using the contact form below.

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