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Reinvestment at the Alexandra Hospital and a new Aldi foodstore

The Site

The site is located on an area of sloped grassed land at the entrance to The Alexandra Hospital estate situated between Woodrow Drive and Quinneys Lane. 

The site is in an accessible location on a key arterial route with easy access from the Birmingham Road A435 and Alcester Highway A441. The site also benefits from key public transport routes immediately adjacent to the site and bus stops on Quinneys Lane. 

A new Aldi foordstore in this location would therefore meet the shopping needs of local residents in a convenient and accessible location and cut carbon emissions by avoiding the need for residents to make unsustainable journeys to other foodstores further afield and enabling the retention of expenditure here in Redditch.

The proposed store would also provide a convenient opportunity for NHS staff, patients and visitors to undertake their food shopping at the proposed Aldi in conjunction with their journey to and from the hospital and during breaks throughout the day.