Churchill Retirement Living

A new Churchill Retirement community in Southwater

Roundstone Caravan Park, Southwater Site

The proposed development site comprises the existing two storey sales and office building, as well as sales forecourt located at Roundstone Caravan Depot on Worthing Road in Southwater. 

Roundstone Caravans Ltd took the decision to cease trading from October 2021 due to unprecedented constraints on the industry.

The site sits in an accessible location on Worthing Road with existing homes  located to the rear. The access road which serves these homes will be retained. 

The site is a relatively flat parcel of land measuring 0.56 hectares. 

The site is bounded to the north, east and south by residential properties. Situated to the west of the site is open countryside and greenspace. 

Interactive Map showing the location of the site

Images of the existing site