David Lloyd

Proposals for Nantwich




A destination location for Cheshire East - A destination location for the district serving the local communities in Nantwich. Willaston and Shavington. Situated immediately adjacent to an existing sports facility – there is an opportunity to create a sporting hub for the local area.


A first of its kind - A new flagship facility for David Lloyd Leisure, offering the UK’s first proposed enhanced David Lloyd wellness center – with significantly improved wellness facilities and outdoor space.
Local jobs - David Lloyd Nantwich will create 80-100 permanent high-quality offerings of employment. A further 60+ temporary construction jobs will be available to help create David Lloyd Nantwich.


Reduce demand on health services - The provision of a David Lloyd Gym will help to reduce pressures on local health services by enabling you to maintain healthy fitness habits which in turn helps to lower the risk of disease as well as improve your overall physical and mental health and wellbeing.


Celebrate diversity - At David Lloyd Clubs, we celebrate diversity in our workforce and provide a place where everyone is made to feel like they belong. We offer substantial employee benefits and celebrate progression, with structured skills training right from day one.


A valued member of the community - We will engage comprehensively with the local community throughout the planning process and explore ways in which they can benefit from our new center.